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Get an entire website LIVE in 2 weeks
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ALL for just $850!*  

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    My services includes EVERYTHING you NEED for a successful website:

  • Website Requirements Definition
    I meet with you (either by phone or in person) to discuss your business and its online needs.  I'll formulate a website requirements plan, that will outline the design of your site and determine which features it will include. This will be our roadmap for the other steps in the process. 

  • Site Design, Content and Logo Design
    I'll review any or all available materials you have that define your business, such as your business cards, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters photos or products.  I'll use these items to help create the look and feel of your site, as well as to develop content for your site.

  • Site Analytics
    I will design the site to include reporting from Google Analytics.  This data will tell you who is visiting the site, how much time is spent during each visit, and what pages are being viewed.  This is valuable information that will allow you to determine the success of your online marketing efforts.

  • Marketing Plan and Online Strategy
    I will provide a plan based on your business needs and resources to help you increase traffic on your site. I'll evaluate your current marketing materials and promotions and provide suggestions on how to enhance them to include promotion of your website.

  • Tutorials on all things internet
    I don't just create a website and hand it off to you. I'll take the time to explain whatever you need or want to know about the internet and how it works. If your online strategy involves social networking and blogging, I will help you set up these features and show you how to maintain them.

  • 1 year of Unlimited Updates
    I'll make any content updates that need to done to your site for one year at no extra charge.  After year one, if you need additional updates the cost is only $300, which would buy you another full year of updating. 

  • Assistance with purchase of URL and Hosting*
    In order for your site to be live on the internet, you will need to buy a URL (web address) and to pay for hosting services for your site. This service usually costs $5 a month from a website hosting company.  I'll help you create a url and pick the hosting that is best for your site.     

All this for only $850!  
What are you waiting for? 
Contact me today and get your website LIVE in less than 2 weeks!! 

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* NOTE:  $850 price is for a 5 page website.  Additional pages can be added at $75 per page.  Price does not include hosting or URL purchase. 


Meet the Link Wizard

 "I'm not the type of wizard that hides behind any curtain.
And I don't have a wand. But I do make
magic happen on the web"  --Barbara Sanchez

Today is the day your business makes its mark on the web.

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